Delicious Vegetable Smoothie Recipes

If you want to follow the paleo diet but do not know where to begin, then a paleo recipe book can be a great place to get started. Instead of thinking about whether or not certain foods will fit into the paleo diet, you can simply look at the recipes in the book and follow a new one each day.

The perfect paleo recipe book will have meals for all times of the day, and this is the type of book you should get if you know that you need help with your diet. The paleo diet is sometimes a hard diet to switch to at first, but many people are extremely happy with their bodies after they get through that first carb-cleansing phase. Anyone who needs a little bit of extra help with their new lifestyle should definitely look into a few different paleo recipe books before they get started with the paleo diet.

So these days it seems the going trend in the world of health and nutrition is going gluten-free. You see the words “Gluten-Free” on everything from almond milk to Jell-o. So what is gluten and should you be eating a gluten-free diet? Before shunning whole grains that contain gluten, it is important to look more closely at what gluten actually is.

Gluten is simply a protein that is found in most grains such as barley, wheat, and rye. Gluten is also used to flavor food and as a “binding” agent to hold processed foods together. Being that gluten is found in the majority of processed foods, people looking to eat less processed food might opt for a gluten-free diet. By reducing the number of processed foods that you consume, there is a potential for weight loss, as processed foods typically have a higher caloric count than non-processed foods. Many of the processed foods that are gluten-free use sugars and other agents to replace the gluten as “binders” so keep in mind that gluten-free does not always mean lower calorie. Processed foods are also more likely to have other chemical-based ingredients that are not necessarily things that we want in our bodies.


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